[ppb_header size=”one” title=”Planning your session” slug=”” subtitle=”START HERE – CALL 01903 230500 TO SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION” width=”100%” textalign=”center” padding=”60″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” fontcolor=”” custom_css=”padding-bottom: 20px !important;” ]At Flash Bang we offer three exceptional portrait experiences where every family member is the star of the show. Designed to fit your personal needs from start to finish capturing your family’s magical moments and milestones. Click to review each experience below and find what fits best for you or just pick up your phone so that we can help you choose.

Follow these easy steps to book your session:

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Studio Experience

Our Studio Experience is a 45-minute session in our beautiful contemporary studio, for up to four people. Designed for those who want high-quality imagery with do-it-yourself customisation.[/ppb_text]

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Signature Experience

Our popular Signature Experience is a 90-minute session tailored to your personal needs. Designed for those wanting a higher level of customisation and guidance with the entire process.[/ppb_text]

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Little Stars Baby Collection

Our best selling Little Stars Collection is designed for those who want to document the priceless milestones of baby’s first year. Capturing the beauty of new life in four sessions, resulting in a timeless keepsake.


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